photo by Grace Feldman

David Mills Music is a small but multifaceted company dedicated to music as a universal form of social interaction.

All recordings are reflections of past events, and no recording will ever measure up to the experience of being there. Everyone should play.

David Mills is a staunch advocate for live music, and to that end, he draws upon his knowledge and skill as a guitarist, teacher, composer, producer, and instrument designer.

Ahmad Jamal with the Assai Quartet and
British Dance are two short videos that underscore how David can bring people from
disparate cultures together through music.

Across all styles of music, David believes that improvisation is the key component that distinguishes a live performance from a sound recording.  Combining live music with dance only enhances the experience of being there.  This is true whether the audience is dancing to the sound of The Winchester Special, or watching a concert dance performance with
The Pilobolus Dance Theater.

If David Mills has his way, social events will no longer include canned music. Live music will resound from the rafters, and those who are not playing instruments will be singing and dancing!