The DoSo® 4-string at the
National Guitar Museum
Patent D612,414 S

On a mission to reunite live music with social dancing, David Mills looks for inexpensive, easy-to-play instruments. When he does not find what he needs for his students, he looks back through history and across cultures for ideas he can use to create new instruments. To design new instruments for the education market, David has teamed up with Tony Pasqualoni who is both a luthier and an engineer. Tony is also the bass player in the video above.

The DoSo® 4-string guitar is tuned like a baritone ukulele (DGBE), which is the same as the top 4 strings of a regular guitar.  Therefore, any guitarist can play this instrument within minutes, and there are a vast amount of song books for baritone ukulele.

Wes Montgomery played the 4-string guitar until the age of 20. As you hear in our video, the instrument really lends itself to octave playing in the Wes Montgomery style.  George Benson and Joni Mitchell both started out on the baritone uke.

The short-scale bass has 25.5″ inch scale–the same as a Fender Telecaster.  This makes it easy for guitarists to play.

All DoSo® instruments are possible because of choice strings by D’Addario.

DoSo® Music uses Fender amps for all string instruments.